Richard Robinson​

Richard Robinson

Business Development Manager

Richard Robinson

Richard Robinson joined the Momentum team as Business Development Manager (BDM) to assist with business development and sales. He has an extensive business background in both the commercial and non-commercial fields. He has been involved in the Traffic Industry for over 16 years at various levels from traffic control to senior management. This contact with construction and general issues has given him an extensive and broad knowledge in client liaison, OHS legislation, Vic roads requirements, tender submissions, Code of Practice, development of EBA’s, training and project management. Richard has proven himself to be a valuable asset in the growth of the company from a metropolitan provider to a Victorian state provider.

He has successfully managed and overseen many large operations, events and projects:

  • Deer Park Bypass
  • Eastlink construction
  • M1 duplication
  • Sugarloaf
  • Springvale Road re-alignment
  • Masters Golf
  • Megalift
  • Point Nepean Events
  • POMC Cruise Season
  • Major Construction at Royal Children’s Hospital
  • CTD-9 LXRA rail project, NWPA Skye Road, Frankston, Station, Camp Road.

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